Friday, December 3, 2010

With a little help from my friends

So may I just share a really happy story?
So three years ago one of my "kids" got this vest for school and I was totally in love. It's from gap kids and since I oddly can fit into gap kids xxl (haha) I went to get one. Sadly they were sold out and never restocked. Everytime Emmie would wear it to school I would say how much I loved it and I wished it fit be because I would steal it.

So Emmie's mom asked me to stop by after work the other night because the kids got their new photos done and she had my yearly set:)
I did, and the photos came out great. Ps not to brag but I got a bigger size than wallets which I think makes me special. haha.
Then Annie (mom) told me Em to bring in my gift.
Gift? I was so confused.
Then Annie explained this was supposed to be for my 21st birthday which was almost two years ago, but it took forever to find.

When I pulled back the tissue paper I just cried and was literally speechless.
I kept saying "are you serious?" and "how did you even remember?"
She said she looked on Ebay everyday for over a year and finally one still with the tags came up and she snatched right up.
She kept apologizing it was two years late and I just kept hugging her.
It was probably one of the most thoughtful things anyone has ever done for me.
I was overwhelmed by such sweetness and the realization that people really care.
People care. Even if you don't see them everyday. Even if they never call. Even if you only spend small amounts of time together. Even if all you did was teach their kids preschool.
They care. You leave imprints on hearts even when you are unaware.
Love has no boundaries and knows no time frames.

"Love is real, it is not just in poetry and stories, it is truth and it will follow you everywhere you go from now on."

xoxo j


  1. This brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful!!

    Love you,


  2. just got so weepy. i showed mike you in the vest. we both melted <3

  3. this makes me smile. It's the little moments in life that can make it so grand.

  4. I think I'm in agreement with everyone else when I say :'-) .
    the last paragraph really got me.