Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Five.

Yay, Friday already!
My favorite day of the week because the boy comes home eee:)

Heres five beautiful things from the handmade heaven..

1. I am starting a garden this spring.. someone please please buy me these.

2. The MOST beautiful ring... EVER!

3. This is where I want to escape to on my bad days.

4. Such sweet little hair pins.

5. Always loving journals, especially ones with my letter.

Looking through Etsy is so inspiring. Especially when I have so much work to do craft wise.
I'm getting really excited for things to come. Nan and I talked today about both quitting our jobs and lives and just sewing together forever. Sounds like the happiest days to meee!

Tomorrow we have a party for one of the kids I nanny. It is a Princess/Prince theme and the adults are playing too. So I am going to see if I can squeeze into one of my four prom dresses from high school that are collecting dust in my basement. *fingers crossed*
Can not wait to share pictures from that.

Have a really wonderful weekend!

x0 j

New Recipe: week three.

I know, I know.
I have been a HORRIBLE updater this week.
Classes started and I am trying to get back in the swing of my real life. Sorry.
So here is my very late recipe of the week post.

This week: Baked potato casserole.
Let me tell you, it was DELISH. Total comfort food.

Getting back into routine was harder than I thought it would be and the stress of basically rebuilding my entire schedule did not help either.
Most days the stress was only healed by long snowshoe walks in the woods behind my preschool. Just breathing.
The lucky thing is I do not have Friday classes this semester, so today is totally devoted to crafts because hearts and crafts is NEXT WEEK ah!

I'll be back in a few hours with my Friday favorites :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Crafts, Tea, and Magical Places.

Yesterday I had a craft date with Miss Lisa Barker.

Yeah, she's pretty magical.

Lisa and I know lots of the same people and we probably have been introduced and re-introduced for a few years now. We have had a few times where we were at the same place for an extended period and actually held real conversation.
The rest seemed enividable
I craft, you craft, we must craft together sometime.

So yesterday, I came home and (over)packed all my things, loaded the car and was on my way.
There was a moment before she opened the door that I stood there with my arms completely full of stuff and thought to myself,
"oh my gosh, I don't even know her".

This was immediately followed by the filling of my head with worry..
What if would be a good craft date partner? If we would have enough to talk about? Would she didnt even really like me?

She opened the door and I was quickly calmed by her smile. She was holding two books she wanted me to look at with beautiful art she knew I would love. She made some tea and we chatted. I told her I was very excited to see her room because the first time our friend Brian ever saw mine he said "this reminds me of my friend Lisa's room".

We climbed her awkward stairs and I laughed at her as she explained how to get up them as if it were normal, and there we were..
And it is a very beautiful room.

My sensory was on overload as I started touching all the beautiful colors and textures and shapes that made up her little world.
So I now knew this, we both craft, have cluttered rooms (that we love), and have scandinavian boyfriends.

We talked about so many of the beautiful things in her room. We talked about all the brilliant local artists in Rochester, we just talked.
We sat down on two little pillows next to each other and crafted. It was a very sweet experience. As I pulled out my things she laughed because many of the papers and such I use she has. I could tell she kept things (like I get made fun for all the time). Such as finding a string, a very pretty string, that I could literally keep for years until the right thing to use it for is found.
All of a sudden it was three hours later, and I had to go.

I was amazed once again. By life, by people.
By that fact that if two peoples core beings are similar they do not need a past together, they do not need to go on these structured visits. They can simply sit together and just be. They can come as they are and be loved and appreciated.

It made my heart very warm.

xoxo j

Five Friday Favorites

Here are five things I am loving on Etsy this week!

I want to give one of these to everyone I know this Valentines day! So sweet!

Some of the most lovely wooden bowls ever.

Hand printed storage bags for storing craft goodies? I think yes!

This is me dreaming of spring and pretty dresses, sigh.

Not entirely sure why I do not already have these. OH MY GOODNESS!!

This was my last week of break and I think it was pretty well spent. I cannot believe I start school again Monday. EK!

I have so much to write its hard spacing them all out. Another post will be up later today.

xoxo j

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Adoption is the new pregnant.

Today I am writing you an essay haha!...

Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to adopt a child.
If you know me you most likely know I have a dream to one day be carrying around a little asian baby on my hip.
It's true, I practice extreme self control when in public not scoop up and hug any little asian children I see. (I know I'm weird but I do not want to be crazy!)

I think a lot of this really stemmed from having divorced parents.
One thing was for sure I knew I wanted to be a mother someday.
But growing up with only one in-home parent and seeing all the pain of divorce, I simply assumed if you're not going to get married but you want a children, you adopt.

I have carried a heart for this through the years and it only grew stronger six years ago when I met my best friend Brandi.
(Brandi is adopted from Korea)
Thank goodness her intensity level rivals my own so she when neither offended nor freaked out when I told her this:
I told her that I knew God had brought her into my life for many reasons but one was this, that one day when my child looked up at me and asked "Mama who do I look like?" I could proudly and simply answer "Aunt B, of course".

I know that may seem crazy, but it is how I really felt.

I've never really been shy about my want to adopt. You may take offense, but I often find myself joking with Maria that I just don't want white children.
(I am slightly obsessed with her beautiful niece and nephew)
Because of my forwardness people always have things to say, sometimes it's a simple "that's great" other times its, "you'll never be able to because its so expensive", "you have to wait forever for that", or the most blunt "why"
Sometimes I get discouraged by people's words but most times I remember that I could probably name 10 families that I personally know off the top of my head who have adopted.

This gives me hope.

This past semester we had to write a twelve page public policy paper. My professor warned us to make sure it was something we were very interested in because we would be writing on that topic the entire second half of the semester.

It took me forever to choose a topic, but finally I decided. I may be no where near adopting yet, but it would hurt me to get the facts. And I did. Countless hours of research, books, scholarly journal articles, and even interviews with adoptees.
It was one of the most beneficial experiences to gain knowledge and true understanding on something you are very passionate about.
I now had insight.

So what do you do when you have lots of passion about something, lots of knowledge about something, but you're not quite there yet.

You support.

You support others. You stand next to them. You hold up their arms.
You can do this by praying, or giving, or even buying a really cool tee shirt.
This is a family I know very well. They are adopting for the second time.
If you buy one of these beautiful shirts, designed by Jonathan Capuano, 100 percent of the proceeds will go to bringing there baby home.
Maybe you dont want to adopt, but you think its great, maybe you want to adopt but you're not ready yet. This is how you show your support. By helping bring a family together.

Please please just check out the etsy:

Shirts are hand screen printed on american apparel tees (super comfy)!
I highly recommend it:)

xoxo, jess

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eenie meenie minie mo.

I shouldn't be allowed to do giveaways.
Mainly because I just want to make something for everyone!!!
But alas I must not fret, I will be able to do more giveaways!

So for now..

giveaway 1.. comment 6... Miss Rachel Preville!! Congrats on your new cozy neck warmer!

giveaway 2.. comment 2... Mrs. Lindsey Finelli!! Congrats on your sweet baby doll.

YAY! first giveaways ever! I'm really hoping to make this part of my regular blogging. I'm going to shoot for once of month and well see how it goes!
SO be checking in to see what goodies you could win!

winners please email me at!
- for the neckwarmer please let me know a color.
- for a dolly let me know gender, skin color, and hair color.
Please please please and thank you:)

If you are wondering how I picked the winners, no I did not think a random number in my head because I would a) be biased b) just end up making something for everyone.
So I use the "true random number generator" on
Check it out. Just type in the max and min, click generate and viola! instant winner!

Thanks one last time for reading during the blog party!

I promise more tomorrow!


Monday, January 17, 2011

New Recipe: week two.

So I'm late but I figured after my blog party you may have needed a break from me.

This week: Applesauce
It came out great! I mean I understand its not that difficult, but really its so good!
It does take some patience to get it perfect though. Yummy!
As for this week, the next Hearts and Crafts is only 2 weeks away! I am starting my new line of headbands (so excited!) and preparing some other new goodies. It is inside the coffee shop this time with means MAJOR consolidation of my table.
Only my very best things will be brought this time around.

Also I am almost ready to relaunch my Etsy. I just needed a break for school. Some of you have been asking for an Etsy handmade, I'll just say it's in the works, but we'll see what happens after the craft show. I'm thinking it may just be a place for leftover goodies and commission pieces.

I'll be posting my giveaway winners tonight, I'm really excited to get working on those pieces!

Thank you again for all your super sweet words!

Happy sunny Monday!
xo jess

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Goodnight, Goodnight.

Well wow, that was sooooo much fun!

I want to give a HUGE thank you to the lovely Bethany from
It was SO wonderful to have her here on the blog all day, I loved sharing it!
Please please stop by her site and look around, I promise you will most likely leave inspired, encouraged and usually hungry! She is phenomenal!

As for all of you, thank you for all your encouragement and love throughout my blogging adventure thus far! I cannot wait to see where this year leads us!

During the blog party I tried to show you some of the new things I hope to be doing this year here on Peace Love Bird.

More giveaways for the things I am constantly working on. Guest blogs and interviews with some of the amazing inspiring people I know. And easy DIY projects to either help jump start your own ideas or just help those who many not be so crafty, get started.

I hope you had fun reading! I'll leave the giveaways open all tomorrow so people can catch up, just leave a comment!

stay true and stay beautiful.

xoxo, jess

Five Favorites.

This is going to be a new weekly thing I add to the blog. (fingers crossed)
It will typically be posted on friday, because I love alliteration :)
But I thought it would be fun to share during my blog party! whoo hoo!

Heres the scoop:
A post of five things I am really loving from Etsy that week.
They might be things I would never be able to afford, or things I just think or pretty, or things from my own personal wish list. Just five things that caught my eye.

Because I love handmade and try to support it. I am constantly creating and know how honored I am when someone wants to support me buy purchasing something I have made. I want to give that back. Any gifts I cannot make myself, I generally go to Etsy for.
ps. If you do not know what Etsy is I highly suggest you take a look for yourself. A wonderful community for crafters, artists, and vintage lovers alike.

Me of course, the bird!

Every Friday! meet me here!

So here it is, Friday's Five Favorites (on Saturday)

This adorable vintage side bag, ugh, drooling.

These vinyl wall decals are so perfect. I have been trying to decide on a set for years but people just keep coming out with too many new cute ones!

I would cry to own this ring.

Would love this calendar hanging in my space.

And lastly, this little fox broach just totally stole my heart! (and boyfriends!)

Yay! I hope I can really stick with this new segment! It will be so fun! I hope the extra time on Etsy won't lead me to extra shopping hehe! :)

xoxo jess

Guest Post: Passion.

What a fun day its been posting here in Peace.Love.Bird!!

For my final little post today I wanted to talk about passion. What gets you moving, excited, and full of joy? Some of you may know the second you hear the word passion and for others it may take longer to figure out. I do know however everyone has a passion. I am so grateful we live in a place that allows us to do what we love. The doors are there all we have to do is open them and explore. I also love that passions change with time, they help mold you and help you become a better you. When I originally wanted to be a photographer I thought I wanted to be a National Geographic photography, BOY was I in for a rare surprise. Knowing my self now, I could not even imagine having that life style. As I learned more about photography and myself I quickly fell in love with a much less adventurous and dangerous field of photography. Food. mmmm.

I found myself obsessed with food magazines, cookbooks, blogs and photographing food. It was all I could think about. It was only recently when I decided I needed to start a personal journey to get where I want. It takes time and patients to reach a goal. I am just beginning my journey to what I want to be and I am 100% okay with that. I've got time on my side.

So please to me a favor and start yours. If you want to paint, paint everyday. If cooking is what you love, have people over more! Spend time practicing what makes you most happy. Don't settled for a mundane life when you could be really successful doing what you love!

Here is a part of my journey that I have been working on.

I also wanted to thank Jess for asking me to do this today!! It was such a fun idea!! I've loved it! Please stop by my Blog anytime!! I hope you all have the most wonderful day! :) -Bethany

DIY: Puppet Theatre

Of course half the work I do is always for the kids.
So here is a quick easy *no mess* do it yourself kid project.

Awhile ago I made some super cute little puppets (to be shared someday, they deserve their own post though) and decided I needed a little puppet theatre to play with them in.

I also know with little ones they want to play NOW, so I made this little theatre to be a quick project with very little mess.

You will need:
- a shoebox
-scrap fabric

1. Turn over your shoe box and cut out the back of it
2. Cut your piece a fabric in half
3. fold your fabric accordion style, fold over end cut small slit to create holes
4. poke two holes on either side of the box
5. String yarn through fabric and holes on box
6. Tape on either side to secure in place
7. Play time!
This little craft is super easy!
But you could make tons of variations! You could have the kids decorate the boxes themselves with paint and stickers or you cute make snazzy curtains yourself.
Anyway you do it, I promise the kids will really enjoy it.

Happy crafting,