Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Adoption is the new pregnant.

Today I am writing you an essay haha!...

Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to adopt a child.
If you know me you most likely know I have a dream to one day be carrying around a little asian baby on my hip.
It's true, I practice extreme self control when in public not scoop up and hug any little asian children I see. (I know I'm weird but I do not want to be crazy!)

I think a lot of this really stemmed from having divorced parents.
One thing was for sure I knew I wanted to be a mother someday.
But growing up with only one in-home parent and seeing all the pain of divorce, I simply assumed if you're not going to get married but you want a children, you adopt.

I have carried a heart for this through the years and it only grew stronger six years ago when I met my best friend Brandi.
(Brandi is adopted from Korea)
Thank goodness her intensity level rivals my own so she when neither offended nor freaked out when I told her this:
I told her that I knew God had brought her into my life for many reasons but one was this, that one day when my child looked up at me and asked "Mama who do I look like?" I could proudly and simply answer "Aunt B, of course".

I know that may seem crazy, but it is how I really felt.

I've never really been shy about my want to adopt. You may take offense, but I often find myself joking with Maria that I just don't want white children.
(I am slightly obsessed with her beautiful niece and nephew)
Because of my forwardness people always have things to say, sometimes it's a simple "that's great" other times its, "you'll never be able to because its so expensive", "you have to wait forever for that", or the most blunt "why"
Sometimes I get discouraged by people's words but most times I remember that I could probably name 10 families that I personally know off the top of my head who have adopted.

This gives me hope.

This past semester we had to write a twelve page public policy paper. My professor warned us to make sure it was something we were very interested in because we would be writing on that topic the entire second half of the semester.

It took me forever to choose a topic, but finally I decided. I may be no where near adopting yet, but it would hurt me to get the facts. And I did. Countless hours of research, books, scholarly journal articles, and even interviews with adoptees.
It was one of the most beneficial experiences to gain knowledge and true understanding on something you are very passionate about.
I now had insight.

So what do you do when you have lots of passion about something, lots of knowledge about something, but you're not quite there yet.

You support.

You support others. You stand next to them. You hold up their arms.
You can do this by praying, or giving, or even buying a really cool tee shirt.
This is a family I know very well. They are adopting for the second time.
If you buy one of these beautiful shirts, designed by Jonathan Capuano, 100 percent of the proceeds will go to bringing there baby home.
Maybe you dont want to adopt, but you think its great, maybe you want to adopt but you're not ready yet. This is how you show your support. By helping bring a family together.

Please please just check out the etsy:

Shirts are hand screen printed on american apparel tees (super comfy)!
I highly recommend it:)

xoxo, jess


  1. Elizabeth JancewiczFebruary 2, 2011 at 4:47 PM

    Adopting is something I'm super passionate about too, and I love reading your post on it! I've heard lots of people look down on my thoughts, but I've felt this way for as long as I can remember. It probably came from having TONS of foster kids running in and out of our house growing up. (We have a three-year-old boy named Jaiden right now, and that kid is the sweetest character you'd ever hope to meet!)

  2. This post really warmed my heart and encouraged me. My husband and I found out a few years ago that we can't have children. The first thing people always say when they find out is "are you going to adopt?" A hard question because we want so someday, but we don't feel like we're there yet right now. Sometimes I think we are still grieving our inability to have biological children...but other times I know it's just because God doesn't have a child ready for us yet. When it's time...He'll let us know.

    PS: I have a thing about Asian babies too! I just think they are so beautiful!