Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And I hope they remember this bond we have together.

During the Holidays I was insanely busy bee.

This had to do greatly in part that many people that I love very much, from many corners of the country, were all in town.
And let me tell you something, I was a very happy girl.

I love that so many of the friendships I have now are so effortless. Months go by, so much happens, and still when I see these people I am immediately warmed and reminded how lucky I am.

One of my favorite little ventures this season was definetly skating at the outdoor rink downtown.
It was so fun and really beautiful, very cold of course but an afternoon filled with laughter, catching up, and good people.

Loved it. Thankful for this beautiful season in the snow!
I hope your holidays was filled with loved ones and fun adventures. I have much more posting to catch up on! ekkk!


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