Friday, January 21, 2011

Crafts, Tea, and Magical Places.

Yesterday I had a craft date with Miss Lisa Barker.

Yeah, she's pretty magical.

Lisa and I know lots of the same people and we probably have been introduced and re-introduced for a few years now. We have had a few times where we were at the same place for an extended period and actually held real conversation.
The rest seemed enividable
I craft, you craft, we must craft together sometime.

So yesterday, I came home and (over)packed all my things, loaded the car and was on my way.
There was a moment before she opened the door that I stood there with my arms completely full of stuff and thought to myself,
"oh my gosh, I don't even know her".

This was immediately followed by the filling of my head with worry..
What if would be a good craft date partner? If we would have enough to talk about? Would she didnt even really like me?

She opened the door and I was quickly calmed by her smile. She was holding two books she wanted me to look at with beautiful art she knew I would love. She made some tea and we chatted. I told her I was very excited to see her room because the first time our friend Brian ever saw mine he said "this reminds me of my friend Lisa's room".

We climbed her awkward stairs and I laughed at her as she explained how to get up them as if it were normal, and there we were..
And it is a very beautiful room.

My sensory was on overload as I started touching all the beautiful colors and textures and shapes that made up her little world.
So I now knew this, we both craft, have cluttered rooms (that we love), and have scandinavian boyfriends.

We talked about so many of the beautiful things in her room. We talked about all the brilliant local artists in Rochester, we just talked.
We sat down on two little pillows next to each other and crafted. It was a very sweet experience. As I pulled out my things she laughed because many of the papers and such I use she has. I could tell she kept things (like I get made fun for all the time). Such as finding a string, a very pretty string, that I could literally keep for years until the right thing to use it for is found.
All of a sudden it was three hours later, and I had to go.

I was amazed once again. By life, by people.
By that fact that if two peoples core beings are similar they do not need a past together, they do not need to go on these structured visits. They can simply sit together and just be. They can come as they are and be loved and appreciated.

It made my heart very warm.

xoxo j

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