Saturday, January 15, 2011

DIY: Puppet Theatre

Of course half the work I do is always for the kids.
So here is a quick easy *no mess* do it yourself kid project.

Awhile ago I made some super cute little puppets (to be shared someday, they deserve their own post though) and decided I needed a little puppet theatre to play with them in.

I also know with little ones they want to play NOW, so I made this little theatre to be a quick project with very little mess.

You will need:
- a shoebox
-scrap fabric

1. Turn over your shoe box and cut out the back of it
2. Cut your piece a fabric in half
3. fold your fabric accordion style, fold over end cut small slit to create holes
4. poke two holes on either side of the box
5. String yarn through fabric and holes on box
6. Tape on either side to secure in place
7. Play time!
This little craft is super easy!
But you could make tons of variations! You could have the kids decorate the boxes themselves with paint and stickers or you cute make snazzy curtains yourself.
Anyway you do it, I promise the kids will really enjoy it.

Happy crafting,

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