Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eenie meenie minie mo.

I shouldn't be allowed to do giveaways.
Mainly because I just want to make something for everyone!!!
But alas I must not fret, I will be able to do more giveaways!

So for now..

giveaway 1.. comment 6... Miss Rachel Preville!! Congrats on your new cozy neck warmer!

giveaway 2.. comment 2... Mrs. Lindsey Finelli!! Congrats on your sweet baby doll.

YAY! first giveaways ever! I'm really hoping to make this part of my regular blogging. I'm going to shoot for once of month and well see how it goes!
SO be checking in to see what goodies you could win!

winners please email me at jessallyn@gmail.com!
- for the neckwarmer please let me know a color.
- for a dolly let me know gender, skin color, and hair color.
Please please please and thank you:)

If you are wondering how I picked the winners, no I did not think a random number in my head because I would a) be biased b) just end up making something for everyone.
So I use the "true random number generator" on random.org
Check it out. Just type in the max and min, click generate and viola! instant winner!

Thanks one last time for reading during the blog party!

I promise more tomorrow!


1 comment:

  1. ohhh my! i just gasped, and mike said "WHAT HAPPENED" and i told him i won the doll, and he said "babe! only gasp like that when something bad happens". so excited.

    --for my dolly, can i have a little baker girl named 'button' with brown hair, white skin, and yellow button eyes. im sure you can figure out the rest of my theme.

    love you, bird, and your creative spirit and warming heart
    <3 yellow button