Saturday, January 15, 2011

Five Favorites.

This is going to be a new weekly thing I add to the blog. (fingers crossed)
It will typically be posted on friday, because I love alliteration :)
But I thought it would be fun to share during my blog party! whoo hoo!

Heres the scoop:
A post of five things I am really loving from Etsy that week.
They might be things I would never be able to afford, or things I just think or pretty, or things from my own personal wish list. Just five things that caught my eye.

Because I love handmade and try to support it. I am constantly creating and know how honored I am when someone wants to support me buy purchasing something I have made. I want to give that back. Any gifts I cannot make myself, I generally go to Etsy for.
ps. If you do not know what Etsy is I highly suggest you take a look for yourself. A wonderful community for crafters, artists, and vintage lovers alike.

Me of course, the bird!

Every Friday! meet me here!

So here it is, Friday's Five Favorites (on Saturday)

This adorable vintage side bag, ugh, drooling.

These vinyl wall decals are so perfect. I have been trying to decide on a set for years but people just keep coming out with too many new cute ones!

I would cry to own this ring.

Would love this calendar hanging in my space.

And lastly, this little fox broach just totally stole my heart! (and boyfriends!)

Yay! I hope I can really stick with this new segment! It will be so fun! I hope the extra time on Etsy won't lead me to extra shopping hehe! :)

xoxo jess


  1. if you like that turquoise ring, check out Fred Harvey's work from the 30s and 40s. My grandmother had 3 of these cuffs. Saleswomen would sell these at train stations to disembarking women. ;-)

  2. bird, i love the idea of posting every friday about your 5 favorites on etsy. genius idea!

  3. Elizabeth JancewiczFebruary 2, 2011 at 4:47 PM

    A friend of mine saw those same tree decals and then asked me to paint her very own trees and birds onto her walls.

  4. when greg and I get a house someday it is possible i will ask you to do the same:)