Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Five.

Yay, Friday already!
My favorite day of the week because the boy comes home eee:)

Heres five beautiful things from the handmade heaven..

1. I am starting a garden this spring.. someone please please buy me these.

2. The MOST beautiful ring... EVER!

3. This is where I want to escape to on my bad days.

4. Such sweet little hair pins.

5. Always loving journals, especially ones with my letter.

Looking through Etsy is so inspiring. Especially when I have so much work to do craft wise.
I'm getting really excited for things to come. Nan and I talked today about both quitting our jobs and lives and just sewing together forever. Sounds like the happiest days to meee!

Tomorrow we have a party for one of the kids I nanny. It is a Princess/Prince theme and the adults are playing too. So I am going to see if I can squeeze into one of my four prom dresses from high school that are collecting dust in my basement. *fingers crossed*
Can not wait to share pictures from that.

Have a really wonderful weekend!

x0 j

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