Saturday, January 15, 2011

giveawayyy againnn.

I made this little one the other night and just fell in love with her.

I decided I just needed to make one for someone.
So, here is my second giveaway!
Yes, I'm serious one of my little babies!
Again I would like to make the doll spesific to someone's preferences, once I pick a winner I will get from you the details like boy or girl, hair color ect!

You may be fretting because you commented on the other giveaway but, FEAR NOT!
please please comment on both! more chances to win more happy things!

few more posts left in this party! we'll probably go until midnight! :)



  1. Ooookkkk I need one! Love you bird.

  2. im eating a pear.
    <3 yellow button

  3. happy birthday!
    I'm super proud of you for keeping up with this wonderful blog! I love it, and i know so many people love catching up weekly.
    loaf you :)

    -your first mocha baby love! :)

  4. Meep! I've been honestly wanting one of these for forever.
    You know this.
    They're beautiful :)

    Side question, exactly how many hours are in a day for you? It can't be just 24, as you do wayy too much for your days to only have 24 hours in them.

  5. Im not going to lie, i really want one! theyre so cute! ( i want one that looks like my husband) oh yeah... its Alison Wise saying this :) miss you

  6. seriously jess. you are beyond talented. I love the way that you see the world!

    thank you for the daily doses of inspiration.

  7. Is it too late to get in on this amazing giveaway? Love you jess.