Saturday, January 15, 2011

Guest post: D.I.Y Dessert Table

Hello Friends!! I, Bethany am so so excited to share this fun, easy and beautiful DIY dessert table with you today. Jess and I put our creative brains together for this project. We are both are obsessed with details, sweets and of course crafts. I've wanted to do a dessert table for some time now, I love how creative they are! You can pick any theme and just run with it. Our theme was the 1960's, if you know Jess at all you know she is the queen of vintage. This girl has more pyrex then she knows what to do with, so we thought it was very fitting. This table was so so simple and took no time at all. (2 hrs tops) The only thing we had to buy was the treats, we wanted to make this project as easy as possible so buying the candy and pie was much quicker then making it all. I encourage you to get as creative as possible so if making all your treats is how you get there then more power to you!

OK so here is what you will need.

1) Pick a theme.
2) Pick fitting colors, try to keep it to 2-3 primary colors.
3) Use things you have at home. ( table cloth, jars, string etc.)
4) Dont overload your table keep it simple.
5) Banners. Its cute and fast.
6) Props! Incorporate fitting props such as our tea kettle as a vase.

These dessert tables are huge at dinner parties, weddings, and even birthdays. So for your next event try it! I promise it will be a big hit! :)

-- Thanks Beth! More from Peach Plum Pear and me coming within the next few hours!

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  1. gorgeous! such a wonderful idea. soo greenweddingshoes!
    love, yellow button.