Saturday, January 15, 2011

Guest post! Finding you're style.

Hello again!
I wanted to venture into a direction of creativity that I love but I don't talk about much. Fashion. I love this because like with any art its completely free to interoperation . You can pretty much do whatever you want. (within reason!) Finding your own personal style is something so wonderful, I love how you can buy a shirt or dress and wear it so differently than a friend would. I personally love mixing vintage and new items together. I want to encourage you to try new things, be bold! A friend of mine showed me this wonderful site called LOOKBOOK that just has photos of people's style, I find it helpful to pull inspiration from. If there is one thing that I could get to stick with you is that being yourself and having fun with dressing the way you want is far more important than any other aspect of fashion. Always be true to you!

These are just a few photos of some outfits I love.

I even got Ry Ry to participate!

Yay, Thanks again Beth! I might need to start every half hour because I still have a few more posts haha! Make sure you comment for my giveaway, and there's another coming soon!

yay party!
xo j

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  1. Jess Your model is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life!!! I love her....Can I have her????