Saturday, January 15, 2011

Guest Post: Passion.

What a fun day its been posting here in Peace.Love.Bird!!

For my final little post today I wanted to talk about passion. What gets you moving, excited, and full of joy? Some of you may know the second you hear the word passion and for others it may take longer to figure out. I do know however everyone has a passion. I am so grateful we live in a place that allows us to do what we love. The doors are there all we have to do is open them and explore. I also love that passions change with time, they help mold you and help you become a better you. When I originally wanted to be a photographer I thought I wanted to be a National Geographic photography, BOY was I in for a rare surprise. Knowing my self now, I could not even imagine having that life style. As I learned more about photography and myself I quickly fell in love with a much less adventurous and dangerous field of photography. Food. mmmm.

I found myself obsessed with food magazines, cookbooks, blogs and photographing food. It was all I could think about. It was only recently when I decided I needed to start a personal journey to get where I want. It takes time and patients to reach a goal. I am just beginning my journey to what I want to be and I am 100% okay with that. I've got time on my side.

So please to me a favor and start yours. If you want to paint, paint everyday. If cooking is what you love, have people over more! Spend time practicing what makes you most happy. Don't settled for a mundane life when you could be really successful doing what you love!

Here is a part of my journey that I have been working on.

I also wanted to thank Jess for asking me to do this today!! It was such a fun idea!! I've loved it! Please stop by my Blog anytime!! I hope you all have the most wonderful day! :) -Bethany

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  1. hey bethany, i just have a question. whenever you post pictures, whether it's on here or your regular blog, i can never see them. would you happen to know why? do you use a certain program or something i need to get to see? lemme know :)