Monday, January 10, 2011

I am tethered to you.

I did mega crafting this holiday.

But my poor friends just so you all know I have gifts lined up for you at my home.. I just am a little late.

Getting my families gifts done took priority this year, so over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of the christmas crafts I made for my friends. I am excited to give everyone their little slices of love. I really thought about each friend, and each gift this year. I tried to make things they would really use, really appreciate, or would just make them really smile.

Brandi is the first person I got to give a gift to. She recently moved into her very own big girl apartment and I felt needed some big girl decorations. I made her this..
I really loved the way the colors came together.
B and I have been friends a long time, I have made her lots of crafts, but never one of my boxes. So I really thought it would be perfect for her new home.
And I mean the picture was inspiration enough, are B and her boy adorable or what?!

Two more weeks of break. Boy is back in New York and I am a happy girl.
Only two posts left!

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