Friday, January 7, 2011

A little surprise.

It was my dear friend Lindsey's birthday yesterday!
(Happy birthday girl!)

Back in umm November, her sweet sweet husband emailed me and asked me for a favor.
He told me that Linds is near IMPOSSIBLE to surprise because she always figures everything out.

He said he has been looking for an apron she would really love but just couldn't seem to find the perfect one. (She is a baker and cake decorator for a living so stuff like this means so much!) He said she had really loved the bibs I made for their wedding (here) and wanted to know if I would be willing to take on the task of making her the perfect apron. I gladddddly accepted.

It came out really well. I found the cutest woodsy fabric and used some vintage lace I had.
She WAS surprised. *thank goodness* It was really hard to spend so much time with her over the weekend and keep zipped! I'm glad she liked it so much and I'm so glad to have a hand in the start of her "cute apron collection".

Lots to do today. My head is overfilled with so much inspiration for so many coming things. I spent a good two hours at the fabric store this morning picking out new goodies. Can't wait to share!

miss jess

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