Saturday, January 15, 2011

My first ever giveaway!

I have been wanting to do this for quite some time.

So here's the deal I know you're scared to comment, because then I will actually know you look at my blog. WHO CARES?! That's the point! We're talking free here.

So, leave me a comment. Anyyyything at all. You do not have to have a blog to comment, just leave your name. Then sometime Monday I will pick a random winner, and will send you one of my cozy neck warmers.

I'm not sure where you live, but its freezing in Rochester. So who would want to keep that little neck warm.

I have a bunch of colors and would be happy for you to pick a color once the winner is chosen.. so what is it gonna hurt? :)

leave a comment. simple.

back soon xo,


  1. wahh wahh wittle wittle wants a neck warmer. wahh wahh <3
    love, yellow button

  2. Hi Jess, I read these pretty religiously......

    a) because I miss you
    b) because you have such a way with words that these always make me smile.

    anyways, i hope all is well and that I run into sometime soon so that I can hear about your beautiful life first hand=]

    Alexa Rae

  3. friend, you're in my google reader...

    which means that we're pretty tight, you and I.

    Great job-

  4. I pretty much religiously stalk your blog. ;-) You inspire me, beautiful friend. I am so proud of you and getting your dolls in thread. I'm looking so forward to hearts and crafts!

    Bethany Woelk

  5. (like everyone else) I love reading your blog because it's so incredibly genuine. It's so encouraging to see someone just doing life the best way they know how to and enjoying every moment of it! You're great!
    -Alexis Gargasz

  6. hullo miss jess-
    JUST so you know- this blog is a great thing in my day. you are bookmarked for insta-ideas and reaffirmation of happy, sweet, sincere people existing. and thanks for doing it fo-evas.

    rachel preville :o)

  7. hey jess. i've been reading your blog pretty much since you started it and just wanted to say i enjoy it :) i'm obsessed with them in general, but yours is really cute. so is that neckwarmer you're giving away :)

  8. You are so crafty and so creative! I am so glad that Beth posted a link here... I will be following it rather religiously now! :)