Monday, January 10, 2011

New Recipe: week one.

Okay! Here goes!

If you read my resolutions/goals/commitments post (here) then you'll know I am trying to commit to one new recipe a week.
This is exciting and scary because I feel I am going to end up trying lots of new things (which really intimidates me). I am going to start rather easy, and hopefully work up to full meals.
I hope to be pretty good by the end of this year, and am thankful to have great women who happen to be great cooks in my life to steal recipes from and ask for help!
(this is actually last weeks so plan on two food updates this week)

Week one: Tomato Spinach Pasta!
It was very simple, but a real nice alternative for a quick pasta meal.
It was just me for lunch and I had enough to put away for another meal,
which brian ate that night for dinner:)

I think with this whole cooking thing I just really worry about spending the time and it not tasting good at all. But I guess that's just learning.
I already know what I am making for this week. Can't wait!

chef jess!

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