Monday, January 17, 2011

New Recipe: week two.

So I'm late but I figured after my blog party you may have needed a break from me.

This week: Applesauce
It came out great! I mean I understand its not that difficult, but really its so good!
It does take some patience to get it perfect though. Yummy!
As for this week, the next Hearts and Crafts is only 2 weeks away! I am starting my new line of headbands (so excited!) and preparing some other new goodies. It is inside the coffee shop this time with means MAJOR consolidation of my table.
Only my very best things will be brought this time around.

Also I am almost ready to relaunch my Etsy. I just needed a break for school. Some of you have been asking for an Etsy handmade, I'll just say it's in the works, but we'll see what happens after the craft show. I'm thinking it may just be a place for leftover goodies and commission pieces.

I'll be posting my giveaway winners tonight, I'm really excited to get working on those pieces!

Thank you again for all your super sweet words!

Happy sunny Monday!
xo jess

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  1. applesauce looks great, bird! so rich and hearty. and always looking lovely in a vintage pyrex <3 so excited for your etsy to start up again so mike can buy me more aprons.
    -always, yellow button <3