Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Traveling Bird.

I feel so lucky because my heart is scattered all across America. It's amazing when you realize how far love can stretch, it goes a long way.

But sometimes a lot of your heart clusters in one place and when you physically enter that place you feel a calming because you know,
you are home.

New Jersey has become another cluster, another home.
Not only is that where my boy grew into the man I love today, but I have now set down some of my own roots there. It is a really wonderful thing to feel a connection with people through distance because I think it truly makes or breaks some people.

So New Years Eve (day) I got into my car and drove five hours to see my other family.

Greg was visiting his Aunt in PA so I scooped him up and we traveled the last few hours together. Once we into Clinton we stopped at our favorite truly authentic italian pizza place and got some slices of our favorite tomato basil pizza. Then we headed to see the fweeends!

We had the most amazing new years. Friends, super low key, great food, 4am chats, snuggling, making breakfast, lounging all day, finally showering at 5pm. I say success.

The rest of the weekend was filled with so many good dates and soul sharing with some of our favorite couples and two of my closest friends.

I think I've gotten really good at condensing a weeks worth of solid hangout time into a few days.

I also got a lot of Amy time which is always such a huge treat to me. She is Greg's youth pastors wife, someone I love to soak with and seek wisdom from. Her spirit is so welcoming, I just love her to pieces.
I also got some unexpected Allie time which was also really lovely. She lives with the Dawsons and I see her each time I visit but we never really get to chat, it was really great to finally get to do that.

Before I left I had coffee at Amys house. Her, Allie, and I chatted, Amy read me a beautiful children's book, Ally gave me a great cd, and then Amy packed me up with fruits and veggies for my trip. *Thankful*

"Ah home, yes I am home, home is wherever I'm with you"


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