Monday, February 14, 2011

All you need is love.

I hope everyone is feeling massive amounts of love and appreciation today!
My whole day was rather happy..
This morning I got to nannying early so I could make them heart shaped french toast with heart shaped strawberries. They thought it was rather yummy.
They had all made me the cutest valentines that just warmed me up.
We listened to happy music, danced and then I got them onto the bus.

I went over to Jane and Mark's house to spend some time with the pregnant mama and little tikes.
Let me just tell you she's wonderful.
She made me coffee and the happiest valentine muffins, delish!
I love sharing and chatting about everything under the sun. I am honored to seek wisdom from such a lovely woman.
Then the four of us did a valentines day craft, IT WAS SO CUTE. I might share it on the blog when I have time because it is really adorable.
Then I came home to finish up my own valentines and just spend the day cleaning my space
(I am almost ready to share photos of my progress!)

My sweet boyfriend may be far but always thinking of me. We are having a handmade holiday because we are both broke college kids again. He made me this darling wooden bird ring, I pretty much love it.
I wear pins almost everyday, so he also made me this sweet bottle cap button.
I am crazy about him.

(I cannot show you his gift yet because I am waiting until this weekend to give it!)

This weekend probably brought my soul more rest than I have had in a long time. I cannot wait to share it with you, that and much much more! I'm so behind on blogs!

extra xoxoxoxooxoxoxo today,


  1. YOU ARE THE CUTEST EVER and that ring is gorgeous! so glad you had a nice valentines day.

  2. you can tell him to make those rings and sell them when you have sales... i would buy them up!! so cute.
    happy valentine's day!