Friday, February 25, 2011

Gimmie Five.

Hello there!

It has been a WHIRLWIND of a few weeks, jesh!

But here are five pretties I am digging this week:

1. Loving this buttercup apron skirt!!

2. Reusable snack bags! oh. em. gee.

3. Big pretty green hair bow, yes please

4. I have a thing for felted acorns, I know I am weird. Love these colors.

5. So inspired by plants lately, getting SO excited to garden!

And there you have it!

On a happy note.. MY CAMERA IS FIXED! I know super quick right?
Well I am a lucky girl because a good friend Ryan Terry, reallllly hooked me up and was able to fix it within my budget. He has no idea how thankful I am.

Also my brother has been home for the last week and it has been great to have him, he is helping me laugh more.

I am really inspired and excited for some upcoming things even though the past few weeks really sucked. Excited to start sharing with you.

Have a wonderful night!

xoxo jess

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