Thursday, February 3, 2011


Its February!! Which means..

I love Valentines day.
I know, I know...

You hate it.
Its too commercial.
It was created by card companies.
You refuse to celebrate it.
It reminds single people they are single.
Its stupid.

Are you done?

So it is over commericalized, who cares?
Welcome to every holiday in America.
Instead of making excuses,
Why dont you take the time to let someone know you love them?
Why dont you sit down and hand write a note telling someone they are important?
Instead of griping and raging on everyone who is celebrating,
why dont you just look at it as an extra special day to remind your loved ones you care?

I'm aware
"We should be telling people everyday not just this day"

Yes, we should. But we dont. It is really hard for some people to express stuff. And those of us it comes easy to, we still do not always do it.
So who cares if there is one extra special day especially for reminding people they are wonderful and loved? Who does it honestly hurt?

Maybe if we just changed our attitudes we could help show people what love really is,
"God is love, and love is real"

So this year lets just get over ourselves.
Love wins, j

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