Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'll just keep smiling.

SO do you remember this fall when I talked about reorganizing my space?
My efforts to de-clutter, de-stuff, and actually be able to function happily in once sanctuary of a room?

Well I did start. I got through some, but then finals, christmas, new years, traveling, a second hearts and crafts and all of a sudden I can barely see my floor again.
It's going to be a very long process.

Mainly because I am a hoarder. There I said it.
After a lifetime of moving place to place and living a life of twenty two (almost 23!) years and having no physical evidence, now in my adulthood, I keep almost every sentiment. As if this stuff defines who I am or what I have learned.
I think in my head I also think it is like this is proof I exist.

So I have been cleaning out and moving on. Letting go.
Into a place my heart feels rest and my soul feels at peace.
Into a place I can work and create and explore my talents.
Into a place I can call my own.
Into a place I can breathe.
Into a place that is merely an expression of who I am but not a definition.

I am ready.

I started simple. I have lots of crafting materials.
Lots is really an understatement.

So my Darling installed my first set of shelves. They looked like this..

I hated them. So white on my beautiful autumn colored walls, stood out far too much. I really wanted tree looking shelves. If it was my choice I would have asked Greg to go outside and cut me down a tree spilt it in half and call it a shelf. But I am a college student this is what I could afford.
So I made due..

I painted the bottoms to look somewhat like bark and then I lined the tops with this adorable tree paper.

I already have them loaded up and need Greg to install a third shelf :)

I had an excellent afternoon getting some things ready for some loves. It was very happy.
I am also going on an adventure this weekend and cannot wait to share some happiness from it. I get to spend time with some pretty wonderful people.

xo miss jess

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