Monday, February 28, 2011

Its the little things.


ok. next two days I may overload you. I am SORRY ahead of time.
I had a wonderful and very FULL weekend.
But with all that happened I just cant bare to wait any longer to share something so adorable.
My boyfriend just makes me little things sometimes.
Very, very cute things.
He brought me this little wooden arrow on Friday for me to make a necklace out of.
I have thousands of ideas for it but could bare to do any because I just had one.
I asked if he would make some for my handmade Etsy. I want to stain some for the natural look but also want to paint some awesome colors. I cannot wait to get started.
But for now here is my untouched prototype.

Boyfriend also decided that SO much of my happiness comes from being outside and this winter (along with life events lately) have been making me ultra sad and so we bundled up and went on a long walk and just talked. Even though the wind was freezing it was so worth it to be outside again and get some fresh air.
He is good for me.

Okay more soon. I need to start updating RIGHT when things happen so I do not fall so behind.


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  1. I like this necklace. With you onthe whole outside thing.We have not officially met but. I was at the hearts and crafts show and love,love loved your mustache idea... I work as an art teacher, a substitute teacher and a before and after school program teacher. I met some girls in the walkway that were photographing each other with them on. I hope they sent you their pics. I hope you don't mind but I borrowed the idea and made some with some of my students. I also happened to be a doing a drawing assignment with one of my classes that we were making out own galleries and mine was about mustaches so I of course had to bring in the one I got from you. Thanks for that bit of joy!