Monday, February 21, 2011

Maybe I needed some time to be reminded for myself.

I am so blessed.
I do know this, but sometimes I forget.
Sometimes I am so hurt by the world, and defeated, and lost that I feel I might not ever be able to pull myself out again.
In those times, I am reminded I do not have to. I do not have to be alone and pull myself out.
Nowadays when I start to hermit and turn into the introverted version of myself some little slice of love is sent my way to remind me how much people mean to me, and also that I matter to people.
This is not something I easily can say, and something I have even a harder time writing because then it is real, it is permanent. And I must actually believe it in some shape or form to actually put it into words.

This weekend Greg brought me this little package from school.
I had no idea what it was but he told me it was from Rachel (a friend from school) and I immediately got giddy before even knowing its contents because anything she touches basically turns into something beautiful.
Before I show you the inside of this package I need to explain something to you. If you do not already know I absolute obsession with vintage pyrex you will not really understand the greatness of this gift, really. I am a obsessing collector as is my father. We call each other when we find the rare patterns and both sell the pieces we can live without. (He is much better at that than I am) I love all my pieces.

ANYWAY, I opened the package and found this..
This amazing girl took a bunch of pyrex patterns and arranged them into a new pattern on the computer than hand screen printed me my own stationary.

It took everything in my body to hold back my tears. It was so incredibly thoughtful. And I knew the time it took to do all of it, to make the pattern, mix the inks, and print all the paper. I was overcome with joy and blessing. That someone would take the time out of their busy life for me,
just because.
People are really great.

So to Miss Rachel Preville. A beautiful soul, a magnificant artist, and friend.
You make my heart so happy.

After a hard week it was just what I needed. I am trying to push through all the muck.
I got through this weekend because my brother is home from the army making me laugh non stop and my boyfriend is the most incredibly supportive boyfriend ever. He is constantly reminding me that its okay to mess up and even to fail, that I put too much pressure on myself and I need to throw timelines and plans out the window sometimes. That's how life is really going to happen.

more soon promise.

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