Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Recipe: week five.

Ok so I am SUPER late on this. It was supposed to be last weeks, and then I should have a new one today. Yikes, I'm behind!

As I have mentioned in previous posts my heart is all over the U.S. and because of my undeniable love for Valentines day I baked some cookies to send to some of my loves far away.

This week: Sugar Cookies.
I thought it was surprising how quick they were to make and was happy I still had so much of my day to do other things.. was I wrong.
While the cookies are very quick to make I didnt realize how long it takes to sit down and frost 3 dozen cookies alone. haha!

I forgot to take pictures of them completely finished, but I iced them with homemade icing in various shades of red and pink. They looked super cute.

Thank you for baring with me as I play catch up, I promise for a "real" post later today.

xoxo jess

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