Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Recipe: week four.

On Saturday night we were very lazy and very hungry.

We started spouting ideas of places we could go eat, what was too expensive, what we were feeling like eating, what was closest.

Finally we decided to order a pizza.

But we continued talking and decided none of us were going to vaporize if food took a little extra time and we decided to just make the pizza ourselves. We were talking about all the kinds of pizza to make which led to dessert talk which led us to red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting that we also decided we would make.

So Maria and I got in the car and made a quick Wegmans trip. We started gathering ingredients and even splurged on the more expensive super fresh mozzarella. Snagged a girlie movie to watch and we were ready to get home and cook.

So here it is..

This week: Tomato Basil Pizza


It came out really good for a first pizza. I think I would use less tomatoes because they are so watery. When cooked the made lots of water and it spilled over the side of the pizza and worried me about getting the crust soggy. But I cant complain too much because we didn't have a single slice extra. gonneee.

I am going to try and cook Friday this week because I know Sunday for sure wont happen because we have the craft show. Also it was really cute because Boyfriend asked me if he could start helping me cook because he wants to learn too. So I want to wait until he is here to help. (ps I just love him)

Lots coming in the next few days, be sure to check in:)

goodnight world,

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