Thursday, February 24, 2011

snail mail!

I got a package today!!!

I did, and if you know me you know snail mail makes me VERY happy. And I absolutely needed to smile today because its been quite stressful.
Little something from my Lindsey love in jersey..

sweet little card.
my own set of recipe cards (you wouldn't believe how much that really looks like my bike!)
early birthday gift:)
Also there was a little amish book on canning which I was SO excited about.

I LOVE being pen pals with Linds, we have been doing it since last spring and its just wonderful:) you can check out some yummy things she makes here.

Last night was the best night I have had in a LONG time. My face hurt from laughing so much. The sad thing is my camera took a fall and broke (which was the stress of my day today). I will post some happiness from last night once I steal some pictures:)

It's the little things that are keeping me going through these last two weeks. Thankful to be surrounded by so many wonderfuls.


disclaimer: sorry for sucky photo quality gotta deal with you have to bare with me using phone photos and point and shoots for a bit:(

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