Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day?

Oh how I love the pretty white stuff falling from the sky, ooor lack there of.
We were expected to get some horrible horrible snow storm. Wegmans yesterday was like I crazy house, people stocking in case they were snowed in for the next three months.
I really think people forgot we live in Rochester.
Ya know, Rochester New York, where is snows A LOT.

I couldn't complain though, It gave me an extra day for sewing. And getting things ready for this weekend. Obviously I am SUPER late blogging this week (again) please bare with me on getting my groove back.

Lets start from the weekend..
It was Miss Molly's royal birthday party. Molly is one of the littles I nanny for.
EVERYONE dressed up, I wore one of my old prom dresses.
Molly's mom is super creative so for the first half of the party she had all these stations set up that the kids could go between and do fun things.
-crown making-cape making-make up and hair-face painting-jewelry making-they loved it!

Then we played games..
This was the Queen and the Princess telling the subjects that "royal jewels had been stolen by thieves and we must find them by sundown." (Is literally what the six year old said)

Then they returned the jewels to the princess.

Then they played pass the poison apple.
ps. this is what happens when your boyfriend is the tallest at the party:)

We ended with dancing and sillyness.
It was just the perfect kids party. A lot like the ones I hope to throw my own children someday. No bounce houses, or play places. Just simple home made fun. Happy Heart.

Much more tonight (I hope) we had a busy weekend:)

xo jess

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  1. WHO MADE THAT CAKE! ive made a princess cake before too! lol