Tuesday, February 15, 2011

There is magic in the walls.

This is the brown house.

This is where I got to run away to for a few days and really rest my soul.
When I walked in for the first time, I was overwhelmed with the feeling of home.
I felt as though I had stayed there so many times, as if these girls were old friends whom I was already very acquainted with.
And though that is not the case I cannot deny the immediate calmness that overcame me and I wandered through the house.
Let me tell you the house is absolutely magical, filled with little nooks and crannies that make it this warm solid community space.

And though the house itself is filled with so much character is it is nothing compared to its inhabitants.
Ten girls.
Ten wonderful beautiful girls. So much of why they are so magical is because they have no idea how truly great they are.
They are my kind of people. And I'm not even sure what that means but its just how I felt. People who know how to love simply. People who give you hugs like they've known you your whole life. People willing to cuddle with you. People willing to laugh who knows the hour. People who truly want to hear what each other has to say. People who can sit in the same room and say nothing. People understand beautiful things. Just good people.

I got right into the swing of the house and felt as though it was my own. I noticed myself doing silly little things as if I were staying long term.

When Sunday came I had tears. I SERIOUSLY did not want to go home. It took all my being not to run away and move in. I hadn't felt that safe in a long time.

A lot of Monday was spent wishing I was I was there.
Here's some of the happiness..
the most delicious coffee.
handmade aprons with name tags.. ekk!
drying tea bags to be made into paper.
beautiful art created by those who live there.
pretty hair that Sally did for me!
happy porch I cannot wait to sit on when the sun returns.
purchases from the amish store. most amazing place ever.
happy hallways.
and adorable mini cupcakes.
Thank you my dear girls for opening your home to me with so much genuine love. I cannot wait for another visit.


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