Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have the COOLEST grandparents.

Last night I was in the basement digging through my papas toolbox.
(I needed pilers to make some hooks for my space)

I saw something really dusted on the tool bench and had to do a double take.
I RAN upstairs dusted them off and there they were, amazingly awesome vintage glasses.
I have been looking for a pair for a few years now and could never find them for under $25 and with the recent popularity of large frames it is hard to find them under $60.

I was nervous for Nan to get home because I really wanted them but I worried they had some sentimental value or something.

She got home and I ran downstairs and rushed through my words as always ending with,
"I just reallllly love them!"
She laughed at me (as usual) and said "I dont care" directly followed by:
"if we knew you were going to be so weird we would have saved a lot more things"
HAHA! Man, I stinking love her.
So now I have super cool new glasses and I am MOST excited:)

xoxo j

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