Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wardrobe Restyle: Take one.

Hello hello!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Let me tell you we were busy busy busy!
But for some reason around all the busy I seem to find the time to do the most random things.
I think when I'm working on things for Hearts and Crafts I need to do craft things that are totally non related to keep me focused.

This week when I was thrifting I saw a dress.. now I'm not going to lie I am awkwardly attracted to horrible 90s floral patterns, they are just so bad they work. I just had to try it on even though it was pretty ugly.

So there it was my hidieous FLOOR LENGTH, large back slit, 90s floral dress that I for some reason really loved. And when I put it on I was sold... it had pockets.
It was a roaring three dollars. So I figured it was worth a shot.

30 minutes later, Viola', a new dress for me and a second life for an old jumper.

Yay for recycling! I wore this little number to craft show today which was really wonderful!
I had never done the winter market (which is inside) so I had lots of adjusting to do.
SO many of my wonderful friends came out(they are really the greatest) to visit and enjoy handmade goodies. Greg and I had lots of fun and everyone really seemed to like everything we were selling. And I cant lie for having to really condense my set up I thought my table turned out super cute!

Lots more to share on this tomorrow. Thank you for coming and supporting today!

xoxo jess

ps. I think I should make this a regular thing on the blog.. thoughts?


  1. agreed, bird. i loved seeing the transformation of that dress. it is SO cute now. we must thrift when you come 'home' ! <3

  2. Your table WAS super cute! (I'm the girl that was selling the stuffed monsters across from you) I really wish I'd gone ahead and bought one of your headbands now! I was eyeing the green leaf one all day!

  3. hahaha! i am in the same awkward love boat with horrible 90's patterns. but salvation army keeps putting them on the racks... and i can't NOT buy them!
    and i say make the transformation posts regular. because i love seeing them on other blogs. i have a huge pile of dresses that are just for that {but i somehow never get around to it}

    sorry for such a long post!
    and thanks for the moustache!

  4. You guys are too sweet!

    kira, thank you so much! If you really want one I can send it your way no problem:)

    caitlin- not too long at all post anytime! i checked out your etsy, you have some really beautiful vintage in there! thank YOU so much for stopping by my table!