Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Five.

I'm sure by now everyone has been moved in someway by the horrific events going on in Japan.
You might be thinking what can I do to help?
Maybe you're thinking I'm only one person where can I start.
Well I have noticed quite a few people on Etsy this week trying to figure out the same thing. Many people have posted an item in there shop in which the proceeds go to relief for Japan.
I have sifted through to find some sellers who offer 100 percent of their proceeds to the cause. I also tried really hard to find affordable things to anyone no matter how much you have could have the chance to help.
Handmade for help..

1. Tell someone you love them with this sweet fortune cookie.

2. Always love little pins.

3. This bunny print is very very sweet.

4. Love these bracelets you could even share them with a friend.

5. This necklace is SO cute!

Japan is a place I source much of my creative inspiration from. My prayers and love our overflowing for all effected by the recent disasters.

To Japan with love,

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