Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Its a beautiful day.

Happy March 1st!
The beginning of the month makes me feel very hopeful and refreshed.
And the sun is shining, yay!
This is going to be a CRAZY month.
Some noteworthy things:
-I plan on getting BOTH shops up and running by the end of the month
-My brother deploys
-My birthday
Just looking ahead at all there is to come.

But, speaking of my brother leaving, this weekend we threw him a going away party.
It was bittersweet. I loved seeing SO many faces come in to celebrate and love on him, to be proud of him, to support him. I think it meant so very much to him.
On the other hand it was hard to see all these people saying goodbye, and realizing the weight of what will happen in the coming weeks.

For now I am trying to be strong because he needs me to. He is from a house of emotional women, so someone has to try not to breakdown every time he talks about it. haha

I am so thankful to have my brothers and sisters during all this. Through all the craziness, happiness and hurt. We're in it together.
Thank you to the many of you who came out for this. It was a blessing to the whole family. I cannot wait to send all those letters, love, and pictures his way for some much needed pick me up through this coming year, you are all wonderful.

To a new month and everything to come! Hoping you are feeling anew today as well.

xoxo, jess

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