Friday, March 4, 2011

High Five!

So I am in jersey, sitting around a table eating delish desert with some lovies and I say..
"ooh Friday Favorites tomorrow"

and they all look at me and say.. today is Friday.
UGH, my days are so messed up because of travel.
So I have to wing it with none of my bookmarked goodies, wahhh.

Giving myself grace, Here's my happy handmades, Jess and Lindsey addition, at ten o'clock at night.

1. Swooning over these lovely butterfly clips.
2. Dear Spring, please come soon. Love, Jess
3.Lin found these adorable bee's wing earrings... ekk.
4. Such pretty vintage utensils, Lin wants these for her kitchen.
5. I have a slight feather fetish.

oh all the lovely things. We made a pretty sweet treat tonight, it is going to be terrific for summer.

sweet sleeps,

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