Monday, March 21, 2011

It's the little things..

OH my goshhhh.

So I know I just wrote but then a friend posted some pictures that made my heart flutter and I just had to share.
About a month ago, I knew my lovely friend Lisa was having a few sad days. Not anything bad just because sometimes when life shifts we are not always ready for it. I made her a pinwheel and brought it to church, I thought maybe it would help her smile some.
She and her love went of a walk that afternoon and brought the pinwheel along.
These pictures melted my heart.
All taken by the ever so wonderful Lisa Barker.
Oh craftings for happiness. These little things are what is helping to keep me inspired these days.

This was actually perfect because I got to enjoy tea this afternoon with Lisa. We have been meaning to for a few weeks now, but I have been in somewhat of a slump with the weather and have been spending numerous hours locked away with my sewing machine.
But of course it was just what I needed, just a someone to rejuvenate me. Such a wonderful date, I love to share brains with her.
She is WAY too sweet and even got me a birthday present!

A handmade mug with little buttons and a giraffe cookie cutter:)
I cannot wait to make my boy sugar cookies with it.

People make me happy.

Making Mondays brighter,


  1. i am in love with that cookie cutter... and you <3

  2. That cookie cutter is A-MA-ZING!

    I love giraffes. I'm going to hunt one of those down. On the plus side, I am the proud owner of some woodland creature cookie cutters.

    Squirrel. Owl. Acorn.

    I need it to be fall again. and I need to find them amongst my Michigan things.