Monday, March 7, 2011

Let your love grow tall.

Hello there!
Well were home. I can say I did not miss this snow,
our usual 5 hour drive took 7, thank you Rochester.
But this weekend I was walking around with no coat on and attending bon fires,
it was much needed. I saw so many loves and got to spend some quality time which was super nice.I also got some early birthday goodies which I will post soon.

One my my favorite gifts though was from Amy.
She is one of my favorite souls.
Usually I have to squeeze in a date with her while I am home but not this time.
I went over there around 10:30 am and stayed till about 5 pm.
Needless to say it was wonderful.
Recipes, life tips, random questions, craft ideas, lunch, books, and babies were all shared.
But my favorite gift was: SEEDS!
She gave me all my seeds to start my garden!!
I am so very excited. (If you do not know gardening was one of my goals this year, you can read about it here.) Lots of seeds too, she gave me lots of good tips and also got my my very own twine for my beans and peas and tomatoes to grow on.

Later my boy came over and helped Amy fix and build some new shelves so she can start her sprouts, I cannot wait to start mine in the coming weeks.
Her little one Caleb was very excited to build with Greg.

It was a wonderful afternoon.
I have more happy things to share. I am glad to be home though and excited to get lots done.
Another post in a few hours.

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