Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mumsie Makes.

I am lucky to be surrounded by so many super talented humans, and some are even family.

Last time Greg and I went to Jersey I saw a bunch of pretty squares on the couch and was wondering what they would be turned into.
This often happens when we visit, Greg's Mum is just about the most fantastic knitter/crocheter/stitcher anything thing with yarn person I know.
She has been doing it since she was a very little girl in Finland.
It makes me happy that I can see random knit goods I like on Etsy or just in photos and I send them to her and before I know it I will have a package at my door with something really wonderful in it. (I know I am SUPER lucky)

Anyway, a few days later she presented me with a super cute (super 70s) little vest that she had made. I have been dying to wear it but I needed to find just the right things to do so. I now have two outfits it really works with. (one includes jeans, very outside my comfort zone, haha)
And the other I just thought I would share with you..
Isn't it just adorable? ekkkkk!
Thank you Mum, love you so much!

Thats all for tonight,