Thursday, March 24, 2011

School Project.

For as much as I hate public school systems, today I really enjoyed my visit.
A few of my old students (now third graders, wahh I'm old) got to be apart of a multi class
"wax museum"
How is this possible you ask?
Well for the last month each child chose a famous person in history to study, research, and fill there little brains with as many facts as possible.
Then today at school they dressed up and stood in front of their poster board and each kid had a little circle sticker on their hand. You would walk around the cafeteria and when you saw someone you wanted to learn more about you just pushed the "button" and the kid would start telling you facts. HOW COOL IS THAT?!
I was so proud of my kids, they were all super brave.
(miss clara, who started the red cross)
(my little amelia)
And among all the presidents and queens and scientists, there was my kid..
Ashton is one of my three I nanny for and he chose John Lennon. Thats freaking right!
I found this book on the table a month ago..
I was so excited, I started talking with him about it. Every morning we have been listening to The Beatles and I LOVE when he tugs on my dress and says "Miss Jess, you wanna know why John Lennon wrote this song?" I just smile. We talked about how my dad grew up listening to them, then I grew up listening to them, and now a new generation (like him) was going listen to them.

I got a few phone calls this evening from parents telling me how much it meant to the kids that I came, I think they forget that these kids are my life, duh :)

all for tonight,

ps sorry for photo qual, camera died and I had to use the phone, bleh.

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