Friday, April 29, 2011


SO I know I said I would share my today's project (which I still plan to) but I am as a standstill while my boy helps me out on part of it. For now I decided to make public a long with held secret.
I have an utter and complete girl crush on Miss Zooey Deschanel.
No seriously look at her..
I am pretty much totally in love.
We hit a rough patch when she got engaged to my teenage music love Ben Gibbard, but I decided that if I couldn't have him, I guess she was best suited.
She is seriously the cutest thing ever though.
Oh! Email came in, back to work for me!
more soon, xo j

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little Friends.

I love new friends.
I just realized I never showed you my newest little love!
I made her for my sweet Rachel and she happened to be particularly special because it was my first little one I have ever made glasses for. EK!
I was so excited because I just left the love on the couch in Rachel's studio space for her to find whenever. I wasnt sure I would even see her before I went home but soon after, there she was standing in Greg's space, smiling with glee. She seemed to love her even more than I did:)
But the best part was on my drive home before the night was over I received this..
..With a message that said "tucked in and happy", I'm sure you can hear the pitter patter of my heart from wherever you are. Oh my goodness.

I love love making little friends for my sweet friends.
I know this is a quick post but I must be off to bed. I have a big project to do for a friend tomorrow and I am SO excited to share it with you:)
xoxo j

Friday, April 22, 2011

It ain't easy being green.

Yay! Happy Earth Day!
I remember when I was a little girl I always used to wear a blue and green tie-dyed dress to school on Earth Day. *sigh*
I have been wanting to start my sprouts for my garden that I have been planning (see new years goals) but since Rochester has SNOW in April I wasn't sure when would be a safe time. I finally decided on Earth Day because it just seemed fitting. I decided to start with my indoor herb garden for now, and get the ground ready for my outdoor, then I can start planting. I have always had some weird obession with flower boxes so when I moved in with my Nana in high school, she had one in the window of my bedroom, just filled with silk flowers.
When I decided to do my herbs indoors I figured it would be perfect to actually plant something in there!
We got it all ready, boy made me some dividers and I got to work.
We had a garden a few years ago but since no one had the time to maintain it its obviously completely grown over. My hard working love spent all afternoon cleaning the yard, turning up the soil for me and laying down planks. I am lucky to have him, I know.
I love looking at my window now.. I cannot wait until stuff starts to grow!
I know many people think being "green" is a trend and that might be true. But if its making people aware, I don't know why people make such a fuss. The real truth is we do need to be more conscious and earth friendly. We do need to teach our kids the difference. We do need to get over ourselves, stop worrying about whether people are trying to be "cool" or not and actually change our everyday lives. I say it a lot, I know, but I truly believe that words can be optional in seeking who someone really is, it is by simply being, that we find truth. It is in everyday life, the ins and outs, that we find ourselves.
Just hug a tree for me today, please.
xoxo jess

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random Roadtrip

My best friend Brandi has been in town for the last few days and having the three of us together again has made my life feel like it makes more sense.
On Thursday we had to drive her out to Syracuse to meet up with her boy and we didn't think much of it because we didn't really think much of Syracuse.
We turned one corner it seemed and it was like holy cute town! And then out the window I saw the most beautiful bridge that made me completely fall in love with where ever we happened to be.
We pulled up and park and looked over to what happened to be right outside of an Urban Outfitters, *bliss*, I'm glad my taxes didn't come in because I probably would have spent it all.
We saw a science museum that I WISH we could have gone to, it looked amazing. And the whole town was bricks and cute shops, I could have just gotten lost with happiness.
We met up with the boy and HAD to play a quick game of Bananagrams and then sent the love birds on their way. On the way home we jammed to some "Maria music" which is always a good time for me, I love dancing in the car with her. I love that she laughs at me for not knowing any popular music. haha
Nice senior pic, Ri.
I love the feeling of being somewhere foreign and being so at peace at the same time. I love the random happenings that make life all the more exciting. I love driving for two hours with your best friends and feeling like you're half the world away.
Simplicity makes life so fulfilling.

Hope you are enjoying life, we only get one.
xoxo j

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

just some hearts.

I heart my craft dates with Lisa.

I heart oatmeal for breakfast.

I heart little friends in the window.

I heart kitties that need attention.

I heart being productive in the company of good people! yay!

Sometime I'll just have to show more pictures from inside Lisa's new place, it is SO cute and coming together quite magically. Also I can get into her new space standing up which is quite the change from her last abode:) I am excited and happy for her, yay for feeling settled! I always really enjoy our time together.
More in a bit,

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our lives blow about, like flags on the land.

Last Sunday I had a complete work day.
I got up early made some coffee and got right to work on many of the projects that have been piling in my space for weeks now. By the time I had to start getting off to potluck, I was noticing how much I accomplished and was seriously SO proud. I know I missed out on a super beautiful outside day, but sometimes the sun pouring in my window with the fresh air is the only way I will actually sit down and get some stuff done. The sun motivates me so much to work.
These were actually the first flag necklaces I had made before the wooden ones.

You like? I would love feedback.
Boy cut me a BUNCH of wooden ones too, this shop needs to open soon, its so close I can feel it!
I have lots of projects to catch you up on, this is the first of many, cannot wait.
happy sunday,

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday Five.

Lots of updates, not a lot of time. I have off this coming week so I am hoping to become a super blogger again.

But I never forget to make time to look for pretty things throughout the week. Here are five new things from handmade heaven..

1. this print seriously is stealing my heart.
2. I love this knot bib necklace for spring, so cute!
3. these little stacking storage containers are perfect, would love them in my space.
4. I have been smitten with all things embroidered the last few months, ah!
5. Oh em gee. I need these leggings!

There you have it! more soon, promise!
xo, j

Saturday, April 9, 2011

this song is for the painter.

Last weekend a few of my out of town friends came to visit.
They are really beautiful people with really beautiful souls.

I was so sick so I felt horrible that I could have everything as clean as I would like. I have at least 4 major projects going on which are in piles and such thoughout my space. I hate to show anyone where I spend most of my days without it super tidy, but I should have known with these you it didnt matter at all.
When they got here long hugs were exchanged, and then Rachel surprised me with the prettiest birthday cupcakes!
Rachel had said to me, that she just wanted me to live my life as normal but wanted to just be there for it.
It was nice not to feel like I had to entertain that Greg and I could just be normal and have some extra pleasant company.
went to the market.
went out for breakfast at The Frog Pond.
took a random nap all afternoon with the sun spilling through the windows.
went for a walk at dusk.
Cam played us beautiful music on guitar while Rach and I crafted.
found treasures.
walked the beach and trails.
had a picnic.
ate more cupcakes.
went thrifting.
and went to our Sunday night potluck.
We stayed busy all weekend but still felt so rested. I loved having them so so much. Rachel and I keep connected through letters and craftings to one another, but just having them here made me so happy.
My biggest surprise of the weekend came from this lovely girl when she gave me a birthday gift that stopped my heart a little. Rachel is a really talented artist, she is one of the people that does not "try" to be, its just is. It is apart of her soul, part of the very fibers that make her.
Rachel had done a painting last year that I absolutely fell in love with. I found the colors and movement of it so inspiring. Greg and I would sit under it in the coffee shop and I would contemplate how to steal it. (mind you it is very VERY large).
She brought a tall rolled up canvas to my room and started unrolling it. I kept saying, "no, no, this is yours, I cant keep this", she said it was mine now. I kept saying if she changed her mind, I would give it back, but she just wanted me to have it. I had to shut my bedroom door to cry for a minute.
just so you can see how big!
I just wanted to be near it so for now I just duck taped it over my entire inspiration wall. But I will move it to my ceiling (haha) because its the only place it will fit! I cannot wait to frame it for Greg and I's house someday, SO exciting!

Friends make life very very beautiful.
xoxo jess

Thursday, April 7, 2011

new new new.

My blogging habits have been slipping, which is funny because I feel I have more to blog about, but I just cannot keep up with myself. I have a few really great projects I hope to take pictures of this weekend and get up here for spring! Its just hard trying to take pictures of yourself doing a DIY project haha!
Anyway, I haven't posted anything I have been working on in awhile so I thought I better pay my dues.
First off, let me start by saying how super thankful I am to have a boyfriend willing to help me with my big ideas. My head is almost non stop, processing, creating new, figuring out. I so often have ideas I cannot even achieve alone because I do not have all the skills. But that doesn't stop my brian from pouring them out. So I'm just really glad I have a boyfriend that I can call and say "can you cut me some triangles out of wood, and drill holes in the corners", he is unphased and does not ask any questions on Friday's he usually just hands me a "treat".
I was really excited to put this watch the idea play out. Yesterday I sat down and worked on it and am REALLY happy with the outcome.
Even though this is a sample (that I pretty much rushed through) I think its just adorable. I overwhelmed trying to figure out if something will work out or what I will have to fix. Its really sort of a rush for me. (haha, I'm so old and boring)
But since I AM in process of getting and Etsy up again I would really love feedback on this? Worth making more? Some little things I will change but overall I really love it.
Let me know what you think!
xoxo j