Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm bigger.

"Are you where you thought you'd be, so beautiful and only twenty-three."

I was 18 when that album came out, and waited for it to be my turn for that lyric to apply to me. Then it was my year and I completely forgot, until I opened a card from my dearest Rachel where it was written.

If you're wondering I am no where close to where I thought I would be at twenty-three, but I think I might like it this way better. Yes, as I have written, I had plans, lots actually. If I shared with you at 18 where I thought I would be on this very day, I am sure you would enjoy a lot of laughs at my expense and that's okay.I am learning to love each day, realizing I am overflowing with things to be thankful for. Learning simplicity, in so many aspects of life. Life is crazy.
But through all this craziness that is life, I am surrounded by the most wonderful humans.
My dearest Maria gathered so many of my favorite people together for a very happy afternoon.
I was so surprised! So many smiles and so much love. Greg was wishing we got together every month. Something about having so many fantastic people all in one place that makes you just feel so at peace. It was a truly wonderful birthday.
After my party I needed a nap.. who said you cant nap on your birthday :)
Then we went to potluck where my fellow potluckers filled the room with balloons, made cupcakes and made me wear a silly hat. I have no idea what was wrong with us, but the entire evening was filled so much laughter my abs were sore the next day.
It was a perfect start to another year.
So here's to you twenty-three, I have no idea what's in store, but I'm sure it is going to be like nothing I have planned.

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