Friday, April 22, 2011

It ain't easy being green.

Yay! Happy Earth Day!
I remember when I was a little girl I always used to wear a blue and green tie-dyed dress to school on Earth Day. *sigh*
I have been wanting to start my sprouts for my garden that I have been planning (see new years goals) but since Rochester has SNOW in April I wasn't sure when would be a safe time. I finally decided on Earth Day because it just seemed fitting. I decided to start with my indoor herb garden for now, and get the ground ready for my outdoor, then I can start planting. I have always had some weird obession with flower boxes so when I moved in with my Nana in high school, she had one in the window of my bedroom, just filled with silk flowers.
When I decided to do my herbs indoors I figured it would be perfect to actually plant something in there!
We got it all ready, boy made me some dividers and I got to work.
We had a garden a few years ago but since no one had the time to maintain it its obviously completely grown over. My hard working love spent all afternoon cleaning the yard, turning up the soil for me and laying down planks. I am lucky to have him, I know.
I love looking at my window now.. I cannot wait until stuff starts to grow!
I know many people think being "green" is a trend and that might be true. But if its making people aware, I don't know why people make such a fuss. The real truth is we do need to be more conscious and earth friendly. We do need to teach our kids the difference. We do need to get over ourselves, stop worrying about whether people are trying to be "cool" or not and actually change our everyday lives. I say it a lot, I know, but I truly believe that words can be optional in seeking who someone really is, it is by simply being, that we find truth. It is in everyday life, the ins and outs, that we find ourselves.
Just hug a tree for me today, please.
xoxo jess

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