Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little Friends.

I love new friends.
I just realized I never showed you my newest little love!
I made her for my sweet Rachel and she happened to be particularly special because it was my first little one I have ever made glasses for. EK!
I was so excited because I just left the love on the couch in Rachel's studio space for her to find whenever. I wasnt sure I would even see her before I went home but soon after, there she was standing in Greg's space, smiling with glee. She seemed to love her even more than I did:)
But the best part was on my drive home before the night was over I received this..
..With a message that said "tucked in and happy", I'm sure you can hear the pitter patter of my heart from wherever you are. Oh my goodness.

I love love making little friends for my sweet friends.
I know this is a quick post but I must be off to bed. I have a big project to do for a friend tomorrow and I am SO excited to share it with you:)
xoxo j

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