Thursday, April 7, 2011

new new new.

My blogging habits have been slipping, which is funny because I feel I have more to blog about, but I just cannot keep up with myself. I have a few really great projects I hope to take pictures of this weekend and get up here for spring! Its just hard trying to take pictures of yourself doing a DIY project haha!
Anyway, I haven't posted anything I have been working on in awhile so I thought I better pay my dues.
First off, let me start by saying how super thankful I am to have a boyfriend willing to help me with my big ideas. My head is almost non stop, processing, creating new, figuring out. I so often have ideas I cannot even achieve alone because I do not have all the skills. But that doesn't stop my brian from pouring them out. So I'm just really glad I have a boyfriend that I can call and say "can you cut me some triangles out of wood, and drill holes in the corners", he is unphased and does not ask any questions on Friday's he usually just hands me a "treat".
I was really excited to put this watch the idea play out. Yesterday I sat down and worked on it and am REALLY happy with the outcome.
Even though this is a sample (that I pretty much rushed through) I think its just adorable. I overwhelmed trying to figure out if something will work out or what I will have to fix. Its really sort of a rush for me. (haha, I'm so old and boring)
But since I AM in process of getting and Etsy up again I would really love feedback on this? Worth making more? Some little things I will change but overall I really love it.
Let me know what you think!
xoxo j


  1. definitely worth making more judging by the reaction of all of the potluck ladies last night. SO cute. It makes me think of birthday banners and things.

  2. yes please make more! this is brilliant!

    craft date soon? my new room is up and running and could definitely be improved by a craft date happening within it..... you can even stand up all the way in there, and there are no weird stairs!! hip hip hooray !