Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our lives blow about, like flags on the land.

Last Sunday I had a complete work day.
I got up early made some coffee and got right to work on many of the projects that have been piling in my space for weeks now. By the time I had to start getting off to potluck, I was noticing how much I accomplished and was seriously SO proud. I know I missed out on a super beautiful outside day, but sometimes the sun pouring in my window with the fresh air is the only way I will actually sit down and get some stuff done. The sun motivates me so much to work.
These were actually the first flag necklaces I had made before the wooden ones.

You like? I would love feedback.
Boy cut me a BUNCH of wooden ones too, this shop needs to open soon, its so close I can feel it!
I have lots of projects to catch you up on, this is the first of many, cannot wait.
happy sunday,

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