Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random Roadtrip

My best friend Brandi has been in town for the last few days and having the three of us together again has made my life feel like it makes more sense.
On Thursday we had to drive her out to Syracuse to meet up with her boy and we didn't think much of it because we didn't really think much of Syracuse.
We turned one corner it seemed and it was like holy cute town! And then out the window I saw the most beautiful bridge that made me completely fall in love with where ever we happened to be.
We pulled up and park and looked over to what happened to be right outside of an Urban Outfitters, *bliss*, I'm glad my taxes didn't come in because I probably would have spent it all.
We saw a science museum that I WISH we could have gone to, it looked amazing. And the whole town was bricks and cute shops, I could have just gotten lost with happiness.
We met up with the boy and HAD to play a quick game of Bananagrams and then sent the love birds on their way. On the way home we jammed to some "Maria music" which is always a good time for me, I love dancing in the car with her. I love that she laughs at me for not knowing any popular music. haha
Nice senior pic, Ri.
I love the feeling of being somewhere foreign and being so at peace at the same time. I love the random happenings that make life all the more exciting. I love driving for two hours with your best friends and feeling like you're half the world away.
Simplicity makes life so fulfilling.

Hope you are enjoying life, we only get one.
xoxo j

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