Friday, April 1, 2011

stupid sick.

I really need to apologize for my lack of posting this week.
I am sick, and I do not do sick very well.
Mainly because I refuse to go to any doctors so I run my cycles of home remedies and such. I'm pretty sure if you could over dose on tea I would have done it this week.

Yesterday I woke up with some blisters in the back of my throat (gross I know) so I was pretty much forced to go. I spent 40 dollars for them to tell me to continue drinking tea and using steam, lots of water, and sleep. thankkkks.
I always spend my first few sick days sick denying I am and doing errands and running around pretending its not happening, when I get to the point where I am stuck at home I start about 20 new random projects. Its so weird I just start to dabble in whatever I feel like and just see how it goes.

SO today I will be blogging A LOT. I have two friday posts to catch up on, my birthday, a what I wore post, and so many backed up recipe posts its ridiculous.

Today is friday my favorite day because boy comes home, and this week he is bringing some of my favorites along with him. I have been beaming with excitement all week!

You'll be hearing from me soon.
xo, jess

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