Saturday, April 9, 2011

this song is for the painter.

Last weekend a few of my out of town friends came to visit.
They are really beautiful people with really beautiful souls.

I was so sick so I felt horrible that I could have everything as clean as I would like. I have at least 4 major projects going on which are in piles and such thoughout my space. I hate to show anyone where I spend most of my days without it super tidy, but I should have known with these you it didnt matter at all.
When they got here long hugs were exchanged, and then Rachel surprised me with the prettiest birthday cupcakes!
Rachel had said to me, that she just wanted me to live my life as normal but wanted to just be there for it.
It was nice not to feel like I had to entertain that Greg and I could just be normal and have some extra pleasant company.
went to the market.
went out for breakfast at The Frog Pond.
took a random nap all afternoon with the sun spilling through the windows.
went for a walk at dusk.
Cam played us beautiful music on guitar while Rach and I crafted.
found treasures.
walked the beach and trails.
had a picnic.
ate more cupcakes.
went thrifting.
and went to our Sunday night potluck.
We stayed busy all weekend but still felt so rested. I loved having them so so much. Rachel and I keep connected through letters and craftings to one another, but just having them here made me so happy.
My biggest surprise of the weekend came from this lovely girl when she gave me a birthday gift that stopped my heart a little. Rachel is a really talented artist, she is one of the people that does not "try" to be, its just is. It is apart of her soul, part of the very fibers that make her.
Rachel had done a painting last year that I absolutely fell in love with. I found the colors and movement of it so inspiring. Greg and I would sit under it in the coffee shop and I would contemplate how to steal it. (mind you it is very VERY large).
She brought a tall rolled up canvas to my room and started unrolling it. I kept saying, "no, no, this is yours, I cant keep this", she said it was mine now. I kept saying if she changed her mind, I would give it back, but she just wanted me to have it. I had to shut my bedroom door to cry for a minute.
just so you can see how big!
I just wanted to be near it so for now I just duck taped it over my entire inspiration wall. But I will move it to my ceiling (haha) because its the only place it will fit! I cannot wait to frame it for Greg and I's house someday, SO exciting!

Friends make life very very beautiful.
xoxo jess

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