Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh this crazy life.

Last week is like a whirlwind. So much happened I can barely believe it all fit in the span of 7 days. So here's why it has been a little quiet around the blog..Some highlights from last week.

1. Morning Coffee with my dear friend Bethany, wow do I love her.
2. Maria and Lizzy came over for what I have to say was the most amazing brunch.
3. I have issues, I'm sure by now you know this but I really dislike change. You might want to kill me when you hear this but when I first purchased my MacBook it stayed in the box literally for almost three months because I was too scared to wreck it. This trend was following when I finally purchased my french press and it sat in the trunk of my car for the past month. Lets just say last week that changed.
4. Last week my best (nine year old) friend Emmie called and said "Miss Jessie my mom and dad are both working, would you chaperone my field trip?" How could I refuse! Off to the science museum we went to dig some fossils!
5. rummage sale season.
6. Having way too many good times, with way too many good friends in jersey. So thankful I have two homes.
7. Lots of sewing and crafts.
8. being reunited with my boy and reminding ourselves how totally in love we are.
Yes I am wearing a flower crown. Yes I made it. Yes I wear it in public. and Yes I have a tutorial on how to do it, I promise to share it with you soon.
Who says you have to be a little girl to feel like the princess of the forest?
moreeee to come:)
xo j

restyled: take four.

I am loving this restyled segment on the blog. You would not believe how many things I buy with intent to fix or modify something on them. Then they end up in a pile for me to MAYBE someday get to them. This is forcing me to be pro-active I love it.
So I found this dress awhile ago I LOVED the fabric, not only the awesome vintage pattern and style but the actual fabric was wonderfully lightweight.
The only not-so-good thing with this dress was.. THE SLEEVES. The picture really does it no justice. No one was around to help me with pictures (haha) and my tripod is M.I.A. so you cannot see how terribly horrible this looks on, which might be a good thing because you would definitely laugh. I just the way they were sewn was one of the funniest things I had ever seen.
But I was convinced in there somewhere was a very pretty summer dress. So I ripped off the sleeves and sewed up the sides. And there you have it a brand new, fashion friendly dress.
I pretty much loved wearing it. so happy.
I cannot I had pretty much the most lovely week last week and havent told you about any of it. I think I will do a catch up post in a few hours.
Hope you enjoyed:) more restyles on the way!
xo j

Friday, May 27, 2011

Restyled: Take three.

hello from the garden state!
Well I am sorry I did not blog the last few days I have been crazy trying to get ready to make my way to my other home. So I am here, and it is only YA KNOW 90 degrees everyday. Literally, I feel as though I am melting.

Anyway, my lovely friend Joy recently moved into a magical house with some lovely girls. I am honestly quite jealous. Every nook and cranny is so exciting and they are quickly filling it with so many beautiful things.
I was lucky enough for her to show me some of the inspiration for the new place and of course my wheels started turning.
One of the things that stuck out to me were these mason jar hangings she had, this kind of idea.
Very cute I know, but I just did not have the materials or my wood cutting boyfriend around to help me. So I stated to look at what I DID have.
You wouldn't believe the amount of nonsense I have. Not even all my own doing, SO many people give me the most random things and usually say, "you can do something with this, right?". I generally look at it for a second and because I do not want to just throw it away I say ya, sure, I'll figure something out. This was one of those things..
Ugly, to me yes, not my taste in the least. You don't even really understand it even had this blue picnic ribbon around it that I couldn't wait to take off before I even took the picture. I just started tearing it apart.
After a lot of paint and sandpaper I am pretty happy with the turn out. I tried to make it fit the warmy feel of their house, I hope it will hold many beautiful things all through these summer months.
There are a few minor things I may add or change, I just wanted to see what she thinks first.

{Dear Joy, If you read this before I give it to you, I hope you like it, just really needed to blog:) Love, j}

Sorry again for my absence I do have things all lined up, so you should hear from me tomorrow, if not later today.
We are just together again and so happy.
ps. in the top picture my hair looks like it actually growing! yay!

xoxo j

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And as a beautiful girl, begins to bloom.

I can barely get the words out this morning..
My baby sister Marisa is sixteen years old today.
Yea, I feel so old.

My lovely little girl. I hope today you do nothing but smile, and you feel nothing but love. I know You have been rushing your whole life to grow up to try and catch up with Jay and I, but today I hope you can just enjoy being the beautiful, talented, caring, growing, sixteen year old you are. I know being eight years apart from your siblings hasn't always been easy, but I hope you know your brother and I love you more than you will ever understand, and would do anything to preserve your happiness and hope for the future.
I love you to the moon and back.
Happy Birthday

More this afternoon. I have much to do before I run away tomorrow.

Monday, May 23, 2011

And I promise you I'm doing the best I can.

Good Afternoon!
Do you ever wake up in the morning and just want to make a dress?
Well, maybe not, but I do.
I had this old tank top that I couldn't bare to get rid of because it is one of my favorite colors ever anything minty, seafoamy green I am always swooning over. But I do not wear anything to my wasteline, because it stresses me out, haha. I do not do well with uber fitted clothes.
So I grabbed the tank and some old fabric I picked up at a church sale awhile back for $1.00.
About thirty-minutes later, a new dress.
I didnt use a pattern for this. I don't on anything I make, I like to figure it out and make things my own, even if that means failing a few times.

So I know its not the best dress ever, but for a first try, not bad.
You may also spy something else I did last week, a new hue in my hair that happens to match this shirt, like I mentioned I am quite in love with this color.
It didnt come out quite the color I wanted I am going to try one more time. I can always dye over it. I mean I'm only twenty-three if I want seafoam hair, I can right?
As I have mentioned, I am inspired incredibly so. Cannot wait to show you more.
Happy Monday,

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Far away friends keep me smiling.

Depending on how well you know me, it may be news to you that I am completely unattached to my phone. It is NEVER on ring, and takes me about a million years to get back to people because I rarely look at it. I suck, honestly I do.
But if there is one thing I truly love it is getting picture messages. I do not get them as often as I like, but they almost always make me smile ear to ear, or laugh out loud without hesitation.
This week I got so many great ones, I just had to share.
My friend E wanted to share with me that she also had to get new glasses.
My lovely friend Meg is in Hawaii (jealous for sure!) and I have been hoping she is wearing pretty flowers in her hair everyday, then I received this.
My dearest Lindsey of Yellow Button Bake Shoppe got to bake for a photo shoot this week, and I asked her to sneak me a photo on location. Man, I wish I was there!
Thank you to my dears who keep me smiling throughout the week. Hope you enjoyed my happy thoughts from last week, hopefully I will have more to show you after this coming :)
I'm off to take a few pictures so I have things to share with you in a bit!

The Earth is Yours.

This weekend I got to spend some time outside at the lilac festival this weekend.
It was so warm so obviously the festival was over crowded because of the hibernating Rochesterians came out of their dens. But no matter the horrible traffic or crowds of people it did not keep the lilacs from smelling extraordinary or looking lovely.
Seriously, lilac sent in intoxicating.
Also I keep mentioning my new glasses but keep neglecting to show them to you..
Even though I had a horrible time getting these glasses. When I finally went to pick the right prescription the lady was wonderful. I mentioned to her that I sew and she couldn't believe it. Then Maria (who may as well be my spokesperson) went on to tell her of all the things I make and proceeded to tell her where to find my handmades and such. I swear I was blushing the whole time. Then the sales lady asked me what if that was my full time job, I said no, I also taught pre-k. All she could say is "wow, you're such a free spirit." I just smiled, Maria added, "yup, she's a bird" and I felt content that someone could say that within 5 minutes of meeting me.

My night was happily spent finishing up some sewing (to be shared tomorrow) and watching Walk the Line, which is one of my all time favorites. I most definitely love simple evenings.
Much to do this coming week, four days until I get to runaway.
xoxo j

Friday Five.

Sorry it's a few days late but when its sunny in Rochester you have to get OUTSIDE!

1. this pretty vintage dress is one of my favorite colors.
2. I love these dinos, and so would all my pre-k-ers!
3. Dear boyfriend, please make me some of these sweet boxes.
4. love such a solid glass, in lovely colors too.
5. *gush* such sweet snail mail cards.

more more more to come. I have been working on so much happy things.
need some coffee though my sunburn is making me sleeeeeepy.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Breaking News.

Until the other day I had no idea my girl Zooey D was going to have her own tv series.
It honestly looks quite hilarious, I'm freaking stoked.
I love that as soon as she came on the screen Maria grabbed my arm, knowing I was in awe. Haha you would have thought they were announcing I had my own show, with the level of excitement I was at.
Alright back to work, I just thought you all would want to get in on the awesomeness:)
Be back soon with Friday Five and some other newness soon.

xoxo j

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Restyled: Take two.

Hello there!
Well I planned on updating more yesterday, but three trips to the mall to get my new glasses and they ended up getting my prescription wrong. Fail.
So I'm sure you could guess I wasn't the happiest camper after all that, anything I may have blogged wouldn't have been the happiest update.
So here I am, still new glasses-less but in a much better mood:)
You may remember the first time I shared something I had redone back in February. I noticed I had titled it "wardrobe restyle" but some of the upcoming things I have to share are not necessarily in the "wardrobe" category so I have more properly titled this segment, Restyled.

I have been doing SO much spring cleaning. I am so overwhelmed and really trying to rid my life of so much clutter.
I love to try and give things a second life before totally discarding them. That way instead of wasting money on something overpriced but "new", I can make something like new!
A few summers ago I got these sandals from the gap at the end of summer for a shocking $4.97.
I know right, such a good price and mustard colored, how could I not?
But in the past two summers I may have worn them 3 times. I love the color and they are practically still brand new, so I figured I could spice them up a little.
About 15 minutes, some buttons, and a needle and thread later, I had new shoes.
I am a little in love.
With all my cleaning I have many of these projects coming up, BUT some will be gifts so you just have to bare with me until I give them to some lovelies. Then I'll share with you:)
Lots more to come this weekend, I told you my head is FULL.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

teenage dream.

I just had to post something! Do you love the new look of what?
I am so thankful to have a partner who is willing to listen to all my crazy ideas and translate them to something I love. Someone who works hard to get something done, just for me to say, I do not love it, or its not me, and is willing to go back (without question) and make it true to who I am.
Thank you babe, what the heck would I do without my other half?

I am crazy busy but also CRAZY inspired lately.
I have about a zillion projects started and today and tomorrow will be for finishing and posting them. I have a 2 DIY's, some sneak peaks, some restyled projects and so on.
I feel horrible for how quiet it has been around here, and hope that will be changing as summer approaches.

A few weekends ago now my little cousin had her first prom. We are really close, seeing that she is my ONLY cousin on my moms side. No seriously. I have one cousin. haha!
So the whole family (including Maria) loaded up in cars to go and take pictures of the lovely one.
She looked STUNNING. Her dress was incredibly classy.
My little sister and Becca Boo are both ridiculously pretty.

She went with just a friend (which I think is the best way to go). The poor boy was totally overwhelmed with both maria, in his face with our cameras haha. Not to mention my family and his family trying to capture every moment. It was adorable how awkward they felt:)
I hope they had the best time. My Becca Boo, stop growing up, becoming so beautiful, and making me want to watch you like a hawk. I hope it was a beautiful night for you.
I unfortunately have to get new glasses, I kind of really hate eye exams. I cannot believe in two years they have gotten worse! It makes me feel like I am getting old.
I cant wait to pick some pretty new frames though, I have been looking online and have a pair in mind, so hopefully I love them as much in person.
I see the sun trying to peek out!
more later,