Monday, May 23, 2011

And I promise you I'm doing the best I can.

Good Afternoon!
Do you ever wake up in the morning and just want to make a dress?
Well, maybe not, but I do.
I had this old tank top that I couldn't bare to get rid of because it is one of my favorite colors ever anything minty, seafoamy green I am always swooning over. But I do not wear anything to my wasteline, because it stresses me out, haha. I do not do well with uber fitted clothes.
So I grabbed the tank and some old fabric I picked up at a church sale awhile back for $1.00.
About thirty-minutes later, a new dress.
I didnt use a pattern for this. I don't on anything I make, I like to figure it out and make things my own, even if that means failing a few times.

So I know its not the best dress ever, but for a first try, not bad.
You may also spy something else I did last week, a new hue in my hair that happens to match this shirt, like I mentioned I am quite in love with this color.
It didnt come out quite the color I wanted I am going to try one more time. I can always dye over it. I mean I'm only twenty-three if I want seafoam hair, I can right?
As I have mentioned, I am inspired incredibly so. Cannot wait to show you more.
Happy Monday,

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